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Relocating to Singapore
Relocating to Singapore? We have everything you need to know here!

Through our years of experience with expats, we have collected all the essential information an expat would need in Singapore. Ranging from all your relocating needs, finding the right accommodations, rental housing, cost of living in Singapore, career, travel and much more. Please drop us a mail should you need more assistance.

Eligibility Criteria

P Pass
 For foreigners who hold acceptable degrees, professional qualifications or specialist skills and are seeking professional, administrative, executive or managerial jobs.
A P1 Pass will be issued if the applicant's basic monthly salary is more than S$7,000.
A P2 Pass will be issued if the applicant's basic monthly salary is more than S$3,500 and up to S$7,000.
Q1 Pass
For foreigners whose basic monthly salary is more than S$2,500 and who possess acceptable degrees, professional qualifications or specialist skills.
S Pass
(S Pass is a new category of work pass which replaces the Q2 Pass with effect from 1 July 2004)
For foreigners whose basic monthly salary is at least S$1,800. Applicants for S Pass will be assessed on a points system, taking into account multiple criteria including salary, education qualifications, skills, job type and work experience. A monthly levy of S$50 per month will apply and there will be a 5% cap on the number of S Pass holders in each company based on the company's number of local workers and work permit holders.
Depending on the Pass type granted, the following Employment / S Pass holders will be permitted to apply for the following Passes:

  • Pass Type Granted to Employment Pass Holders
  • Dependant's Passes
  • Long-Term Social Visit Passes

EXISTING EMPLOYMENT PASS HOLDERS (Not Classified under the P and Q Pass Type)
Existing Employment Passes will continue to be valid until expiry of the Passes. Upon successful renewal, the Employment Pass will be classified according to the P or Q categories. Dependant's Passes and Long-Term Social Visit Passes granted earlier to the Employment Pass holders will also continue to be valid on a personal-to-holder basis as long as the Employment Pass holders continue to work for the same employer. If they change employment, they will have to submit a new set of application and the privileges will be considered under the P and Q pass criteria.

For more information on application of passes, please visit


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