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Relocating to Singapore
Relocating to Singapore? We have everything you need to know here!

Through our years of experience with expats, we have collected all the essential information an expat would need in Singapore. Ranging from all your relocating needs, finding the right accommodations, rental housing, cost of living in Singapore, career, travel and much more. Please drop us a mail should you need more assistance.


Singapore Public Transport, Taxi, Bus, MRT

Transportation In Singapore

Singapore has established itself into a city where transportation from places to places are made easy with our own public transports. Buses and MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) trains will bring you to your desired nearyby destinations. Please on the the links below for more information of our local transportation.

Information on public transportation:

Bus Services

About Singapore Bus Service

The local bus services carries about 2.4 million passenger trips a day and relies entirely on fare revenue to finance its operations, its has established itself to be the most frequently used transportation service on the road. The 2 main companies for bus transportation are:
- SBS Transit
- SMRT Buses LTD

Different amount of fares are required for different age group, different location, different bus service number and different form of service. The links below will explain in details the amount that you are required to pay, please click on the category that you fall into.
- Adult
- Children And Students
- Senior Citizen
- SMRT Bus Fares Guide

Concession Card
There are five types of Concession Card namely, Primary Student, Secondary Student, Tertiary Student, Full-time National Serviceman and Senior Citizen. These cards are issued by Transit Link Pte Ltd on behalf of SBS Transit, SMRT and Tibs.
- Issue And Condition For Use Of Concession Pass
- Share Holder Concession Pass
- Monthly Concession Stamp

Bus Interchange
Find out the nearest bus interchange/terminal that is nearest to your residential area. It will help to know the different bus service number available.
- SBS Transits Bus Interchanges

Bus Numbers
It is important to find out the bus service number that link from your work place to your house, or from your house to your desired destination. Taking the wrong bus number would result in wastage of your precious time. Take a look at the traveling route of different bus service number from the link below.
- SBS Transit Travel Guide: Enter the bus service number to find out its traveling route.

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT)

About Mass Rapid Transit (Trains)

MRT trains were first introduced in the year 1987 in Singapore. Its aim is to provide passengers with a pleasant and fast ride from a place to other. In the year 2004, SMRT has established itself into nation wide linkage. Its another achievement in linking Singapore is that it has stretched its reach to neighborhood towns with the introduction of the LRT (Light Rail System).

Route Map
Find out where is the nearest MRT or LRT to your place, and your desired destination.
- LRT Route Map

The fares will varies differently from location to location, please look into the link below for the fare's details.
- SMRT And LRT Fares

Traveling Time
Its important to find out the traveling time to different locations, it will enable you to plan the time taken for you to travel to work etc.
- MRT Traveling Time

First And Last Train Timing
Train Timing

Taxi Services

About Singapore Taxi Services
There are about 24 000 taxis serving Singapore, majority of these taxis are owned or co-owned by 3 taxi companies. Please take a look at the links to view more information on the services provided by the companies.
City Cabs
- Comfort Taxis
- SMRT Taxis

Different taxi companies have their own charges of fares, kindly look into their charges.
- Comfort Taxis Fare Charges
- SMRT Taxis Fare Charges

Taxis here will stop at taxi stands where orderly queues are formed and anywhere else that is safe and does not violate traffic rules. Hailing a cab can sometimes be frustrating as someone may just walk a few steps ahead of you and stop the same taxi. You may also come across taxis that do not stop even though they are empty. This may be because the drivers are on call or are changing shift. A closer look will reveal that these taxis usually have a red destination label on their dashboard or windscreen which means they are changing shift and will only accept passengers traveling in that general direction.

All taxis display their taxi's registration number inside the taxi above the doors. If you left something in the taxi, you can call the taxi company first as the driver will usually hand it to them.

Cars and Motor Bikes

About Singapore cars and motor bikes
Cars are the most costly mode of transportation in Singapore. However, cars has become an essential many Singaporeans daily life. Below are 2 websites that its a must to view before any purchase of a car.
One Motoring: One stop motoring need (Motor cars and motor bikes)
- Land Transport Authority: Local land authority with information on COE, Regulations etc.

Things you need to know
As a newbie relocating to Singapore, its good to know of the following terms and policies in alliance with usage of vehicles in Singapore.
- Registration tax for new cars
- Annual motor vehicle licenses (road tax)
- ERP: Charging of road usage

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)
An electronic system of road pricing, it covers all congested roads and expressway during the morning peak hours and the whole work days in the central business districts. Vehicles will be charged via the ERP unit fitted in every Singapore registered vehicle.

It is compulsory for all drivers to possess a Singapore driving license before driving on the roads. The Singapore driving license can be obtained from the Licensing Section of the Traffic Police Department.

Those without a license before and are 16-year old and above can register with the Licensing Section of the Traffic Police Department or any driving test centres in Singapore for the Highway Code test. On passing this test, the person can apply for a Provisional Driving License (PDL) which is valid for six months and is renewable for up to two years only. With this license, the applicant can then learn to drive but must display "L" plates on the front and rear of the car, and must be accompanied by a licensed person. Although driving is the same every where, it is good to get a local driving instructor to familiarize yourself with the traffic rules and regulations here.

Vehicle Quota System
The vehicle quota system was first introduced to control the number of new cars entering the roads each month. If you wish to buy a vehicle, you must first obtain a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) through bidding. Each month, a specific number of COEs are open for tender. Successful bidders pay the lowest successful bid price. The COE is valid for ten years from the date of registration of the vehicle and is non-transferable. You can revalidate the vehicle entitlement for another five years or ten years by paying the prevailing quota premium if you want to continue using your vehicle after its expiry. However, the five-year COEs are not renewable thereafter.

Motor Vehicle Taxes
In Singapore, purchase prices of all motor vehicles include an import duty, registration fee, additional Registration Fee (ARF) which is 150 percent of the car's open market value (OMV), and road tax according to the capacity of your car.

There is a surcharge from between ten and 50 percent of the road tax if your car is more than ten years old. To renew the license, your car needs to pass an annual inspection.

Leasing A Car
Companies which provide leased cars for their employees handle all the details of leasing. All you need to do is to wait for the car to be sent to you.

Car Insurance
All vehicles in Singapore are required to have a car insurance. You can purchase your car insurance from any insurance or finance companies or Automobile Association Of Singapore. Either comprehensive or third party insurance is acceptable but passenger liability is compulsory. Most insurance policies also have options such as windscreen and flood damage coverage at additional fees. Another common feature is No Claim Discount (NCD) which is useful if you are staying in Singapore for some time.

Parking Coupons
In Singapore, all vehicles parking in public parking lots are required to display a parking coupon that is unique to this country. It is essential that you learn how to use it for if it is not used properly, you can be fined.

Street Directory Of Singapore
An essential map/street directory of Singapore that will aid you in traveling around the country

Singapore Street Directory


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