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Relocating to Singapore
Relocating to Singapore? We have everything you need to know here!

Through our years of experience with expats, we have collected all the essential information an expat would need in Singapore. Ranging from all your relocating needs, finding the right accommodations, rental housing, cost of living in Singapore, career, travel and much more. Please drop us a mail should you need more assistance.


Housing Rental Procedures
Several ways could be used to search for a property of your choice. Spend some time doing the search on the newspapers classifieds section (property), tele-text listing or even on the World Wide Web. My sincere opinion will be to contact a realtor to get the job done for you.

Engage a Property Agent

In Singapore, a professional property associate whom has a better knowledge of Singapore is in a better position to provide advices and recommendation to your choice of properties. He/She will protect and govern your interest and will assist you throughout the process of purchasing and will clinch a deal for you at the best possible rate. He/She will ensure that all documents are organised and the person that you are dealing with is the rightful owner of the property.


Deciding on the right location is very important and it will determine the convenience for your family and yourself.

The pricing of different property is dependant on the different area the property is located, the facilities and the size.

Documents To Prepare Before The Rental Of A Property

     - A photocopied sheet of your employment pass.

     - A photocopied sheet of your passport.

     - A good faith deposit of one month rental fee.

After preparation of the above documents, your property agent will proceed to prepare the Letter Of Intent, Tenancy Agreement and the necessary documents for you.

Term of Lease

The standard lease period is 1 year or more, with or without an option to renew the lease.

Taking Over Of The Property

The landlord will prepare an Inventory List on or before the day of handing over. Check the items listed in the inventory. Check all electrical appliances, air-con, lightings, water heater etc.

If there is anything unsatisfactory, do not panic, note it down on the inventory. Even brand new houses have defects, therefore be understanding and allow the landlord to rectify it within a reasonable period.

Commission Payable

Depending on the duration of the lease, the commission payable to the realtor is - Half a month's rent for one-year lease and One month's rent for two-year lease.

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