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Relocating to Singapore
Relocating to Singapore? We have everything you need to know here!

Through our years of experience with expats, we have collected all the essential information an expat would need in Singapore. Ranging from all your relocating needs, finding the right accommodations, rental housing, cost of living in Singapore, career, travel and much more. Please drop us a mail should you need more assistance.


The job seeker can either live rather cheaply in Singapore, or can live a life of luxury. Salaries are competitive, and numerous benefits (such as recreation facilities and bonuses) make working here a rewarding experience.
Food is relatively cheap in Singapore. Food courts (which are often air-conditioned) or what are commonly called hawker centers are recommended for an expensive, hearty meal. However, restaurant prices are higher.

Those on expatriate compensation packages may also receive additional benefits, such as transportation/car allowances, housing, childcare, payment of school fees, entertainment allowances, and work-related benefits. According to Mercer survey (1 June 2003) on the cost of living, Singapore is easier to stretch the dollar than that of Hong Kong and Beijing, making it cheaper for expatriates to live in. Singapore fell eight places from 24th to the 32nd position, in a survey of cost of living of 144 cities. The survey measures the comparative cost of more than 200 items in each city, including housing, food, clothing and household goods, transport and entertainment.

Cost of utilities - Electricity, Water and Gas


Electricity- Latest electricity cost (tariffs) - 16.35 per kWh

House Type

Average - kWh

HDB 1-room 104
HDB 2-room 166
HDB 3-room 279
HDB 4-room 397
HDB 5-room 487
HDB Executive 493
Apartment 804
Landed Property 1,439

Water - Latest water cost (tariffs):

House Type

Average - Cubic metres

HDB 1-room 8.8
HDB 2-room 11.7
HDB 3-room 15.6
HDB 4-room 19.6
HDB 5-room 19.6
HDB Executive 17.7
Apartment 18.8
Landed Property 38.3
1 to 40 cubic metres: S$1.52 per cubic metres
Above 40 cubic metres: S$2.03 per cubic metres

Gas : Latest gas cost (tariffs) - 15.23 per unit

House Type

Average in units

HDB 1-room 60
HDB 2-room 73
HDB 3-room 90
HDB 4-room 101
HDB 5-room 100
HDB Executive 102
Apartment 84
Landed Property 163

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